Tezos – self-improving blockchain

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Tezos – specification

Tezos is a general and self-regulating cryptographic register. Cryptocurrency can create accounting books based on blockchain. Operations carried out on a normal blockchain are implemented as a purely functional module extracted into the shell responsible for carrying out operations. If you want to know how to buy tezos – click button at the bottom of page.

Tezos – description

However, other cryptocurrencies can be represented in Tezos by implementing the correct interface for the network layer. Tezos supports its own improvements, that is, it allows the evolution of the protocol by improving its own code. In order to achieve this effect, the cryptocurrency starts with an initial protocol specifying the procedure for interested parties to approve amendments to the protocol, including changes in the voting procedure.

The Tezos initial protocol is build on a proof-of-stake system that supports the operation of smart contracts. The cryptocurrency has written in the OCaml language. It provides high speed code operation, unambiguous syntax and semantics of the code. In addition, Tezos’ ecosystem puts him in the position of a good candidate for formal proof of correctness.

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Buy Tezos ? – ICO and controversies

Funds for the development of the platform were collect during the sale of tokens at ICO, which lasted from 1 to 14 July 2017. It was the most successful ICO at the time, which raised funds equivalent to 232 million dollars from investors (currently it is in third place, for EOS and Filecoin) , selling over 607 million tokens (80% available). TEZ tokens were based on Ethereum technology, using the ERC20 smart contract. Interestingly, the ICO did not have a predetermined number of tokens or a target amount to collect.

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However, what aroused the most controversy around the Tezos project was the repeated failure to deliver on the promises made to investors. First of all, XTZ tokens should be on cryptocurrency exchanges, but this did not happen for a long time. Moreover, investors in the light of the agreement with the Tezos Foundation made a voluntary payment without a guarantee of return.

How and where buy Tezos

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