TRON – Decentralize the Web

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TRON Coin – Genesis

Firstly, the main intention of the cryptocurrency Tron is to create a global system of free entertainment that would not be subject to censorship or influence of publishers. Secondly, Tron is an ecosystem associated with blockchain created on the basis of the Ethereum network. Tron‘s idea is also based on the Internet 4.0, i.e. a decentralized world network not subject to any influence of large corporations such as Google, Amazon or Facebook. If you want to learn how to buy Tron Coin – go at the bottom of page!!

TRON – Description

As part of Trx project, smart contracts will be conclude for access to multimedia content. The Tronix token (based on the ERC20 standard) will enable settlement in the system. Therefore, every content and file will belong to every creator. The network itself will also enable the creation of decentralized applications, e.g. online games or social media.

Further, TRON will consist of three different layers: storage, application and core. The first of these can be defined as the space protocol where data will be collected. The data storage protocol will be based on the Proof-of-Replication algorithm, which is based on the server confirming that user data is in many physical data warehouse locations. The second one focuses on the easy integration of a decentralized application with a dedicated wallet for developers. Network scalability can be extended by side chains. Moreover, Tron Coin will use the DPoS (Delegated Proof-of-Stake) mechanism.

how to buy tron coin

TRON – token distribution

The distribution of TRX tokens is available through cryptocurrency exchanges. In the future, you will be able to receive tokens from applications that use cryptocurrency, which will mainly be social. For some activities there is a chance to receive tokens in the form of a prize. The second solution will also be receiving a similar reward but in the online gaming system. File sharing will be another billing channel. An appropriate number of TRX funds will be charged to the uploader for each of them. The percentage distribution was as follows:

  • 40% for sale at ICO
  •  15% to private investors
  •  35% for the Tron Labs foundation
  •  10% for the initial sponsor (Peiwo)

TRON Coin – founders

However, TRX, like Ethereum and EOS, aspire to create an ecosystem enabling programming of decentralized applications (dApps) and smart contracts on its own blockchain. Ultimately, TRON wants to provide full scalability, giving the ability to perform over 2,000 transactions per second (TPS), allowing for universal and convenient use of the platform.

how to buy tron coin

However, the creator and originator of the Tronix project and the founder of the TRON Foundation is Justin Sun – a former member of the Ripple cryptocurrency project team (XRP) and the owner of the Chinese conversation application called PEIWO, which allegedly has as many as 10 million active users. In June 2018, Justin Sun acquired the oldest p2p platform called BitTorrent, most likely wanting to integrate it with the TRON ecosystem in the future.

How to buy Tron Coin

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