SYS Coin – Technical Analysis

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SYS – A decentralized market

Syscoin is a blockchain platform that facilitates transactions with extremely low costs, but primarily focuses on creating the infrastructure necessary to introduce companies to the blockchain network. Instead of focusing solely on value transfer, Syscoin provides support for both decentralized and centralized markets. However, the most interesting element of the Syscoin platform is “Blockmarket” – a combination of portfolio and market. Blockmarket Wallet provides users with the tools necessary to both buy and sell, as well as send and receive currency or encrypted messages. In this thread we will do some SYS Technical Anaylsis for free. If you want to buy sys, check our tutorial at the bottom of page.

SYS Coin – current chart and Technical Analysis

As you can see, we are trading here only vs BTC. We believe that BTC is asset of the future, so we try to stack as more Bitcoin as we can for future.

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT financial advice. Rule number 1 – Invest as much as you can lose!