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Genesis Vision – Specification

Genesis Vision is a platform built for private trust management markets. This platform is using the blockchain technology and smart contracts. It is develop with the objective of making the financial market global by uniting exchanges, brokers traders and investors through a decentralised system. It is a solution to problems such as limited information, lack of transparency and lack of trust, or arguably to solve the most crucial industry problems. If you want to know how to buy gvt token – check our tutorial at the bottom of page

What is investing with GVT

A set of personal trust management services – “Private Trust Management“. By using blockchain technology and smart contracts, GVT eliminates middlemen and opens up investment brokerage markets.

How is this supposed to work

Firstly, the results of financial managers will be fully public and not fake. You can entrust your money to the most effective ones. It will not matter which part of the world they work from. The mere fact of globalization of such services is a big advantage of the project. Both investors and persons / companies providing this type of service can benefit. What’s more, part of the bureaucracy will disappear, and no hidden fees or commissions. Also, their calculation will be automatic. The same applies to the payment of profits.

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Investing capital is not limited to the cryptocurrency market

If someone wants to take advantage of the offer of a very effective manager offering their services through the Genesis Vision platform, they will have to exchange their dollars, euros or other Fiats for GVT, because these tokens will be in force on the platform. Thanks to this, if Genesis Vision is successful, the demand for GVT may be huge, because – de facto – these tokens will replace dollars, currently used as investment capital. It is enough that only a few millionaires want to use GVT services and entrust their hundreds of millions of dollars to one of the managers … in this way capitalization of GVT tokens could increase significantly.

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What will happen next with GVT tokens on the platform

The GVT token will be use for all financial operations, both for investing and distributing profits, as well as for trading manager tokens on the internal stock exchange. Each manager will have his GVT sub-cryptocurrency. Its price will be closely linked to manager opinion and effectiveness. However, the more people want to use his services, the higher the demand for it. The investor by sending his funds to the manager (in GVT) will receive his currency, which also will be an indicator of its effectiveness, and will be able to sell it at any time on the internal stock exchange.

How to buy GVT Tutorial

Finally, you know basics about Genesis Vision and GVT Token, now you will also learn how to buy GVT. Click button below and enjoy our guide.