Ethereum – ICO Boom

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Ethereum – Genesis

Ethereum (ETH) is an open platform based on blockchain technology that allows you to operate and share decentralized applications. Ethereum is more than just a cryptocurrency, it has a lot more to offer. At the bottom of page you will find our tutorial how to buy ethereum

ETH or BTC ?

ETH is like BTC? Well, yes and no. Both Bitcoin and Ethereum are based on the same technology – the so-called blocks, but this is where their similarity ends. Bitcoin offers a single application, an electronic peer-to-peer currency system that enables online payments. It is a pure currency.

how to buy ethereum

Bitcoin uses blockchain to track who owns the coins, while the blockchain technology used by Ethereum serves as a platform to run any decentralized application. According to Bloomberg, this is a common software that can be used by everyone. Furthermore, it is resistant to manipulation attempts. To sum up, Ethereum’s possibilities are endless.

Creator of the Ethereum is Vitalik Buterin, a cryptocurrency researcher, programmer who worked on Bitcoin in 2013. The financing of the new venture was thanks to investors. The system is online since July 30, 2015, where there were 11.5 million coins for sale.

How to buy Ethereum – is it safe?

Ether is completely secure, but just like other instruments, you need to remember about volatility and liquidity. If they disappear, the instrument becomes more risky. You can trade ETH on the cryptocurrency exchanges, and its current peak got in January 2018, reaching a rate of $ 1121 for ETH. However, It is the second, after bitcoin, cryptocurrency with the largest market capitalization. Ethereum has been designed in accordance with high standards of security and transparency. Enterprise Ethereum Alliance are promotors of ETH, which brings together both startups and large American corporations. Now, when you know what ETH is, time to invest and buy your first ethereum.

How to Buy Ethereum – start investing

Finally, you know ETH basics. Now time to start earning real money. Learn how to buy ethereum – click button below and read our tutorial!