Airdrops – free cryptocurrency

The rapid development of blockchain technology means that almost every day projects appear on the market that offer their own virtual currencies. Only a few of them will succeed while others will forever remain in the depths of distant deposits in terms of value. This article is about how to get free cryptocurrency.

how to get free cryptocurrency

Airdrop – free cryptocurrency

The key to success when issuing a new cryptocurrency is to attract customer interest. This is where airdrop appears, a system in which users can receive free cryptocurrencies as part of the project’s promotion.

Get Free cryptocurrency for registration

Developers actually give us a certain amount of virtual currency, but in exchange for doing a specific job. Most often it is about brand promotion in social media. Our task is to share and like the project on popular social networks.

This naturally drives the project and allows it to reach more recipients. Time is our investment. Therefore, they are not cryptocurrencies for free. Not quite anyway.
It is also worth having several well-known wallets adapted to store ERC20 tokens. The standard developed by Ethereum is still extremely popular and willingly chosen by developers creating new cryptocurrencies and distributing free airdrops.

As part of promoting a new project, owners of active wallets can receive a small amount of virtual currency. The purpose of this is simple: it activates users to familiarize themselves with the project and also introduces the name and basic assumptions of the project into the online bloodstream.

how to get free cryptocurrency

What conditions must be met to get airdrops?

The popularity of airdrops is constantly growing. The term free cryptocurrencies arouses the imagination of users who believe that new projects are able to follow in the footsteps of Bitcoin and be a great success. In fact, there are only two basic conditions needed to get involved in popular projects.

Free time and willingness

Firstly – no pain, no gain. There are also no cryptocurrencies for free. Currently, it’s hard to get projects that would give away tokens completely free. Our task will be to dedicate time and perform simple and quick activities that will increase the popularity of the project.

Sometimes it is enough to invest several minutes of your time to get free tokens. Patience and perseverance are also important.

Safe wallet

Free cryptocurrencies go to your wallet address. Wallets that support the ERC20 standard are the most popular. A significant part of virtual currencies is based on the standard introduced by the Ethereum network. More information about choose good wallets you will receive during reading our other article here.

how to get free cryptocurrency

Popular airdrops

There is a huge number of websites supporting the starting projects. Remember to choose only airdrops that are actually free and do not require any contribution. In short, choose wisely.


The project is strongly in line with the development of the GDPR and the protection of personal data. It allows users to track the use of personal data, and also focuses on the development of technology that will allow for much more secure data transfer.

The prize can be given to one million users involved in recommending and promoting this project. However, as part of the airdrop, you can receive from 1000 to 25000 CVC tokens.

Coinbase Earn

Airdrop prepared by the well-known and reputable Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange. As part of the project, you can obtain tokens: BAT, XLM, ZEC, ZRX and also DAI.

Earn Crypto Guide

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